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SPF / DKIM parameters

You must include the SPF/DKIM parameters in your DNS settings. SPF (Sender Policy Framework) is a DNS text entry which provides a list of servers that should be considered allowed to send emails for a specific domain.

The next step is DKIM. Basically, DKIM attaches a ‘signature’ to the message in your emails. Not literally, of course – this ‘signature’ is in the code of the message itself. We have developed a tool that automatically generates you the DKIM.

You can see both SPF and DKIM values in the “Domains” branch of the “Settings” section.

Include these records into your provider’s DNS settings – when you’re done with the implementation, come back to the domains section and click “Verify SPF and DKIM records” and “Check records“. If records were embedded correctly, you will see green checkmarks.

Here’s a video tutorial on how to find these records:


Each hosting solution has a different interface and various methods of how SPF and DKIM are configured. Therefore, we have collected some links of the most popular hosting solution supporting articles on how it’s done. Hope it’ll come in handy:

Please find your hosting provider:

(IMPORTANTIf you’re implementing the DKIM via Godaddy.com the host value is “sender._domainkey” and the SPF host as “@”).

If you could not find your hosting provider on the list, please contact your provider directly for support.

I don’t know my hosting provider. What can I do?

In such cases, we recommend using who.is – the tool provides valuable information about the domain’s hosting provider. Simply type your website’s domain hit search icon.

That’s it!

If you got stuck on a specific task or can’t find a way to execute a particular job, contact our support team via Chat or info@vivasend.com – we’re here to help.