Digital marketing campaigns made much easier with Vivasend



24/7 users make decisions online within seconds. Whether those decisions are conscious or based on a one-off emotion – browsing should be enjoyable and easy. When planning an e-commerce website strategy, don’t forget to include coordinated newsletters in the plan. We use e-store plugins (Magento, Prestashop, Woocommerce, WordPress), which allow you to add the desired services or products to your emails with just a few mouse clicks. You can add direct links to payments as well.

Newsletters that sell

Use time-tested tools to easily create compelling emails with direct e-commerce links to your store: the more engaging and clearer the email, the more likely it is to succeed.


Smart advertisers don’t give up easily. Having both the subscribers and the authority, don’t hesitate and take advantage of remarketing strategies. As many as 50% of customers can be compelled after reaching them repeatedly. With automated Vivasend emails, remind customers about an unfinished shopping cart. If you reapproach them with an individual offer, gift or a discount – the victory is almost guaranteed.

Try unusual strategies

Useful and relevant content is extremely important, but the best results are achieved by trying unusual strategies. One of the most successful strategies we’re proposing you to try is to let the users get only a “taste” of the content. Then, invite them to the site where the remaining content is waiting.