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Efficient and inexpensive newsletter service

The automated Vivasend newsletter platform is probably one of the most effective ways for your business to optimize news, traffic, and sales. Easily secure your reputation as a market leader. We believe this is one of the cheapest ways to communicate!

Thanks to modern technology, we are all available 24/7. Checking emails is a regular task. Yet the huge information load urges us to select only the most relevant content. A newsletter is usually received with the user’s consent. Therefore, it is the type of content the user expects to be valuable. We have no doubt that by creating more appealing content, that sends a great promotional message, you will ensure customer loyalty.

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Become the voice and the leader in your field

You are in charge of the situation and it is up to you to decide when, how much, and what type of information your subscribers will receive. Take maximum control of the situation: get to know your customers, monitor their spending habits, choose the most appropriate time for news, and refrain from excessive actions. Take advantage of an advanced platform with powerful and easy-to-use analytics and graphics tools. You will save a lot of time and won’t need any additional HTML knowledge.

Intro 1 en Create newsletters that sell Find out more Does an appealing headline matter? For sure.
Does the content matter? Of course.
But all this is only a part of success.
By using a newsletter service you will quickly and effectively prepare exceptional and bright looking emails of just the right format.
Free* 15 000 Emails Up to 2 500 recipients REGISTER NOW
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The pre-paid credits

0.3 ct for an email

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