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It’s important to note that while the number of openings is indeed relevant, what matters the most, is what the users do when they open your email. If the user chooses to do your intended action, you did your job well. If not, it is time to find out at what stage the problem arises and figure the ways of solving it.

The Result Analysis

Learn from others mistakes

Trying and failing a good way to learn. But why risk failing many times, when you can learn from the mistakes of others? Invalid title of the email, irrelevant, disloyal audience, boring content, poor visual solutions accompanied by heavy and time-consuming PDF files are some of the most common newsletter marketing mistakes.

Keep improving every day

Get to know your subscribers, try dozens of different marketing strategies, take risks – there is no recipe to suit all when it comes to business. Only consistent testing and tracking of the results will make you achieve more. We have no doubt that by regularly trying out new ways, you will surpass yourself and the competitors in the long run. That can be easily done with an automated newsletter program.