External Communication

Expand the recipient circle You can install the automated Vivasend newsletter subscription platform in a matter of minutes. In order to grow and know your audience better, think about what specific data interests you. The plaform can be easily tailored to your business needs. Free* 15 000 sent emails up to 2 500 subscribers REGISTER

Expand the recipient circle

Creating loyalty takes time and attention to your customers.
Get to know your subscribers: collect, segment, and analyze different user data. Starting from birthdays, finishing with their shopping habits, simply by using analytic tools.

Digital communication

Any marketing goal starts with these basic steps: professionalism in presenting the information, targeted marketing, having a website, advertising, and, of course, finding the target audience. We understand that real purchases are made by users who see advertising in real-time. For that reason, we offer an effective tool for getting to know such a user. The newsletter is a great way to find out exactly what the buyer needs, thus finding the shortest path to him or her.

Integrated communication

It’s not true that newsletters are made for existing subscribers only – feel free to expand your audience. By using attractive design templates or graphic editing tools, you can easily integrate emails into your overall communication strategy: from advertising campaigns to corporate image building. With marketing tools such as banners, you’ll be able to attract new contacts who will then become potential buyers.