Anti-spam policy - Vivasend - patogus ir galingas el. laiškų marketingo įrankis

Anti-spam policy

Vivasend adheres to a zero spam tolerance policy and prohibits users from sending unsolicited emails using our service. By creating an account and using our service, you agree to abide by the rules of this anti-spam policy.

Spam means sending of mass emails to people who have not given their consent to receive them. Examples of spam include, but are not limited to:

  • Email sending to addresses collected from websites, business directories, and other similar sources
  • The use of emails purchased, rented or otherwise received from third parties mailing lists
  • Email sending to people who have previously refused to receive them

Also, to ensure a good delivery of emails to our users, we prohibit the sending of the following types of content using our service:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Online gambling, betting
  • Forex, stock trading, quick enrichment schemes, etc.
  • Pornography, escort services, dating sites
  • Drugs, narcotics, etc.
  • Loans

We reserve the right to suspend your account and request proof of the origin of recipient lists if your emails exceed the following values:

  • More than 0.15% of spam complaints
  • More than 5% of bounce addresses
  • More than 1% of refusals

If we determine that you are using your account for spam or other prohibited / illegal activities, your account will be blocked without notice. Also, if these actions cause interference to other users of our system, we reserve the right to report these actions to the appropriate authorities and/or take legal action in order to claim damages.

Report abuse of service

If you suspect that a Vivasend system user is sending unsolicited (SPAM), let us know by sending an email to We investigate each report carefully and take appropriate action immediately.